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Here at Squareroot Construction, we specialize in Wood Deck Building services. No amount of material or technology can capture the look and feel of real wood. Although Wooden Deck Building does require some effort regarding maintenance in order to keep your wood deck at its finest, our professionals offer the literature and knowledge to ensure our customers know how to take care and treat their wood. When it come our Wood Deck Building services, we offer an abundance of wood variations that are sure to turn your head.












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We offer Redwood Decks, which are among the most common. Redwood has a proven track record to be able to withstand the CO climate. RedWood Decks are also immensely economical due to the natural microbes it contains that inhibit any dry rot or deterioration. Another type of wood Squareroot Construction has to offer is Cedar Wood Decks. Cedar Wood Decks also contain that very same naturally occurring microbes to enhance the life of your wood deck without the dry rotting or deterioration. If you are looking for something more exotic, we offer a variety of tropical woods that can suit your needs. A few tropical woods that we offer are IPE, Tigerwood and much more! Since Tropical woods have a tighter graining, they do require a bit more maintenance along with additional staining. Here at Squareroot we are dedicated to the beauty and longevity of our decking projects and can provide any maintenance, replacements or repairs needed on your wooden deck. You can typically expect a wooden deck to last about 20 years before needing any repairs or replacements.