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Our specialists offer an exquisite variety of contrasting styles, wood grains and even have fabulous color options. Not only will your Deck look great, but many of our composite decking manufacturers utilize recycled materials and thus do not contribute to deforestation and keep scrap wood and plastics out of landfills! With our Composite Decks, you will add value along with style and personalization to your homes beauty. Composite decking is a great alternative to any wood decking due to the simple fact that it’s easier to maintain and is a long lasting alternative to wood without sacrificing quality or vision.












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Our professionals have worked with Composite Decking for many years and are exceptionally familiar and up to date on all of the new materials and technology. Squareroot Construction can also assist with decisions, samples and literature for all of the products we carry and offer in order to help you make the best decision regarding the choice in materials. We additionally offer any repairs and replacements as needed to maintain your Composite Deck.